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15 comments of expats in Viet Nam
02:47   |   08/06/2016

Below are the comments of expats in Vietnam:


1. Iced tea is free in most restaurants. Some restaurants have hot tea, some even have both types.

2. When the Vietnamese drink tea, water, or other drinks, they often leave between 5% and 10% in coke drinks. They are not drained.


3. Vietnam did not shower in the morning they shower in the evening.

4. Teenagers love everything here from Korea - food, music, hairstyle, clothes. K-pop has a huge effect in this country.

5. They sleep after lunch. That means if you drive from 12 am to 1 pm, you will travel easily and streets are very quiet . That's right, then there is no traffic congestion.

6. Songs of ABBA Happy New Year, Hotel California by The Eagles, and Papa Paul Anka's most selected as karaoke.

7. Vietnamese people not wearing helmets to ensure safety on the road, but only to avoid traffic police fines.


8. No one respect the bar across the road lane reserved for pedestrians. I always pray when crossing the road or walking on the sidewalk.

9. Every family has at least two motorbikes and they put them on the ground floor. Living room is also a garage for motorbikes.

10. Mai Linh and Vinasun is the most trusted taxi companies. At the airport, people lined up to ride the Mai Linh and Vinasun. They accept to wait more time than jumping onto the illegal taxi.

11. People here will ask you about your age, nationality and marital status at the first meeting.

12. Coffee here is fantastic. Everyone loves coffee with milk or condensed milk ice.

13. Nguyễn (written in English as Nguyen) could just as the first name or the last name of people live here, there  are a lot of people with the first name/ last name like this. About 7/10 Vietnamese people I met have this first name/last name.

14. Vietnamese peole generally is very honest, friendly and helpful. Also, they are always smile. J

15. the language here is almost can not learn well. Maybe, you can realize the pronunciation of the language, but when you talk it up, they will never understand what you say. My advice to you is to write down your words. As for me, the secret is to use body language.



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