Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Hoi An- the bicycle city

As noted by visitors, where not suitable for moving a bike like Hoi An, ranging from wandering the streets to remember it here flower path along the Thu Bon River to Cua Dai beach shaded tree. Visitors can also experience on bumpy dirt roads across immense plains, or run through the villages. Security Council meets exciting journey of discovery for a trip by bicycle.



Tourists cycling or walking around the hall on the outskirts of Hoi An

Mr. Nguyen Van Hien – former Chief Financial Officer – City Environment said “old town not to go on a motorcycle from morning to noon, from early afternoon near me and nearly all night so bicycle usage spread rai. Familiar sight in major cities of Vietnam is now the automotive, motorcycle. Bicycle much but still, he was in Hoi An “. He further said Hien, has more than half of Hoi An people are women and children often choose bicycle as a means of daily travel in the city because of their low cost and just go to nearby markets like schools are arranged highly concentrated around the city.

On the other hand, Hoi connect large metropolitan Da Nang and Tam Ky provincial towns by roads with two-way travel, trunk roads last year should interdepartmental conflict with vehicles of large tonnage, speed high … is minimized. For years, Hoi An ancient town is still the traffic accident rate lower than that of other urban centers. Hoi An people biking is an opportunity to exchange and share feelings for each other. They’ve just called another ride, my dear, pianissimo. Go in opposite directions, they can stop a conversation between the parties, gossip; elephant, or pointing backwards waving contest, waving hat to each other … But that scene took place, how to sew or automobile ride.





Hoi An, not broad land, simple terrain, two air superiority is also to be allowed to use the road bike much. Architect Tran Anh Huy – Programme Adviser Public Space (Center for Action for Vietnam’s urban development) analysis: “In terms of scale, TP.Hoi An radius moving in not over 10km flavor, especially the coastal road to the old quarter, where An Bang beach, Cua Dai creates a triangle, each side offers just about 5km short distance makes the move even more on a bike expediency “.