Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Backpacker Experience in Hoi An


Before you go, you should take the time to prepare all the necessary utensils for yourself as:

– Dresses, pants, swimwear (bathing regularly go for a special from March to October)

– Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste

– Hats, hats, and umbrellas are good for very hot weather

– Sunscreen (not in black sauce), topical insecticide-

– Drugs headache, abdominal pain to eat in case of illegal foreign

– Cameras, camcorders. (Remember to bring a tripod for taking him away pretty good night Hoi An)

Note: to have bottle water for very sunny and hot here.


There are many ways to move. Hoi An is only a few blocks away, can go pear is comfortable. If fatigue can jump on the motorbike or taxi. Every weekday old town non-motorized travel, so people will be difficult for vehicles, taxi. Best walking or cycling in the old town

Go play around can rent bikes, very cheap, moving much room to explore without risk of leg fatigue. There are bike 4km out to sea for those tired throughout the day as we sat one seat yourself. Fortunately, they brought their tour by car to the beach then.


I’ve been at the Prince hotel in the tour day in Hoi An, where friendly service style, comfortable facility with swimming pool, garden, rooms are quite new and especially wifi network 24/24 , room rates are quite cheap compared to the hotel near the center, where I only took about 10 minutes walk or 5 minute bike ride to in the Old Quarter, on Hai Ba Trung Street in the old town, I eat at small restaurants there, such as Nam cafe-569 Hai Ba Trung, the food is delicious, cheap and beautiful space. Some of my friends have been here and been in the hotel as Kim An, Long Life in the Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung And, many small restaurant area, tasty and affordable.


As we followed the tour, they prepared all 3 meals / day for us. But apart from meals, take belly to enjoy the brightly painted two here.

In Hoi An there are so many delicious dishes like Cao Lau, dumplings, cauldron cakes, chicken rice old town, fried mussels Handbook, beating cake, cake at the leaves, suse cake, tofu, dirt cake, pancakes, ú ash cakes, crab sticky rice, teas …


Backpacker Experience in Hoi An 

White roses in Hoi An

Backpacker Experience in Hoi An1

Vietnam baguette in Hoi An


Backpacker Experience in Hoi An2

Countryside Pancake in Hoi An

Restaurant delicious I’ve tried: pancakes, rolls back and forth, barbecue (or alley Phan Chu Trinh Hai Ba Trung Street). Wonton Noodle (57 Ba Trieu Street). Ty chicken rice, chicken rice Nga Phan Chu Trinh. This little shop just ask the locals who know both.


Backpacker Experience in Hoi An3


However, the number of customers served here is not too much, so if you go east, they serve to slow. Everyone should go retail cuisine here, to avoid waiting and discomfort.

Also I have eaten in restaurants – coffee shops located at Nam cafe- 569 Hai Ba Trung, there are many cuisine – Write and unique country that is very cheap prices and friendly staff.


In Hoi An there are so many things to buy, such as lanterns, silk furniture, wood carving, embroidery lace, souvenirs …

People can buy and pay.

Slipper Hoi An is rich and beautiful. Looking sandal soles of rows, if any row should be placed in every beauty there. It can be placed in his leg from morning, afternoon get right. Should be placed early and choose to buy goods as the pair.

Sewing clothes here super fast and cheap. Morning, afternoon and took place only.

But the prices of clothing and footwear awful expensive here (make something for foreigners).

Lanterns: Lanterns of Hoi An is also very beautiful, many tourists have chosen and brought back as a gift. Price is also cheaper to buy special workshop biggest lantern in antique 103 Tran Phu Street – Hoi An.


Backpacker Experience in Hoi An5

Hoi An Lantern

Tuoi Ngoc Lantern-http://denlongvn.com/ – Hoi An lantern

Souvenirs: Lots of things to buy as small wallet, gift boxes, etc. .. very cheap price. The vast market.

Stone: Da Nang is famous for stone, so people can buy the stone statue, stone mortar, stone jewelry … at Non Nuoc.


Backpacker Experience in Hoi An4


Everyone should prepare swimwear available. Since first visiting canoes will go corals. They will stop in the middle of the sea, diving area can touch or step on coral. Only 1.5 m of the water body, but extremely stepped on soft coral, weakened, hehe I feel terrible seats.

If wearing swimsuits before, jump out there and take off down very good, they will prepare a float for those who can not swim. Then move the boat to the shore, people can change later. Swim between the great sea. Do not miss the opportunity offline!

Area Cham island have jellyfish, so pay attention, jellyfish are clear, the touch will germ itching. But after going out. Both houses do not worry.

Then the group will tour to the beaches of Cham island, wonderful beach. Blue water and shining. Visitor can take pictures in here are very nice, if not like bathing, resting on the floor, or up to are the hammock area after lunch.

– Special food at Nam cafe-569 Hai Ba Trung (especially drinking water here is very tasty)

– Chicken rice Msr Ty at 22 Phan Chau Trinh

– Cao Lau Mrs Thanh at 26 Thai Phien street

– Quang noodle Msr Minh-Cam Ha

– Quang Noodle burden Hai Ba Trung Street (morning only to sell 9)

– Mrs. Bun Mixed Six, 110 Hung Vuong

– Barbecue street in the old town area, hut sing Nguyen Thai Hoc Street Hoi An

– Ice cream shop, pastry Casa Verde, open from 14h, Bach Dang Street

– Restaurant Pho Lien - 25 Le Loi (with bread rolls)

– Dumplings – restaurant cauldron cakes 57 Ba Trieu

– Trousers Vietnamese coffee, Italian coffee, juice unique at 569 Hai Ba Trung

– Cargo Cafe (Vietnamese food, Europe, cakes) Bach Dang Street

– Seafood at Cua Dai Beach

More … Feel free to share your experience.