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Visitors enjoy summer entertainment on beach of Đà Nẵng

da nang

A chef cooks for gastronomers and visitors at the East Sea Park in Đà Nẵng.

ĐÀ NẴNG — Food courts, an arts space and nightly musical performances are on display at Âu Cơ Park on Mỹ Khê Beach from 4pm till 10.30pm during the Summer Destination Week at the central city’s East Sea Park.
Visitors can explore local cuisine and visit beach bazaars through this weekend.
Local artists also set up an art space on beach with ocean scenery and nature paintings on coracles.
Foodies will have a chance to exchange cooking skills and experience as well as taste food by connoisseur Phạm Tuấn Hải at outdoor stalls.
Musical performers will rock on stage every night, playing to booming summer crowds.
Mỹ Khê Beach will host water-motor, jet-ski, kite flying and board-surfing in the morning and evening. Visitors can also paraglide from Sơn Trà Mountain on June 23-25.

da nang beach

A painting of the red-shanked douc langur (Pygathryx nemaeus) -- the endangered species in the Sơn Trà Nature Reserve -- on coracle displays on beach of Mỹ Khê in Đà Nẵng.

da nang beach

Tourists pose for photo with painted coracle on beach of Đà Nẵng during the Summer Destinaion week.



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